Laminate Tile

Laminate Tile

The Best Alternative

Laminate flooring is the best alternative to natural flooring. By choosing laminate tile flooring, it does not means that you renounce to the natural aspect. Today, the modern technologies allow you to have a great natural look and at the same time an easy to maintain floor. The laminate tile floor is a great choice as it can be easily installed, maintained and replaced as often as you wish. You can obtain an elegant look by using affordable and simple laminate tile models.

Incredible Beauty of Laminate Tile

There are different tile’s colors that perfectly mimic natural materials such as wood, stone or marble. Usually laminate tile is chosen depending on the interior design and it should fit the colors and the textures of the other elements. Many of the laminate tiles are great replicas of authentic materials and present durable construction features. You are able to choose the laminate tiles from many options as it follows:

  • Andora Slate
  • Marble Slate
  • Solana Slate
  • Cabos Cream
  • Seville Pearl
  • Malaga Stone

These great laminate tiles present high-density fiberboard laminate construction. It ensures a strong and durable floor. The layer of gloss enhances the floor’s durability. It seals the laminate floor tile and at the same time provides a three-dimensional look of the laminate tile flooring. As well, this layer supplies slip-resistance features that are very important. It also helps the reduction of footprints and smudges’ visibility.


Of course, before you choose a laminate flooring one important thing to consider is the installation of laminate tiles. Usually, today many of the laminate tile’s offers present easy installation features. Thanks to them, the laminate floor can be installed in just one day. As well, besides the ease of installation, laminate tiles are also provided with a locking system that ensures floor stability.

The installation procedure combines three simple steps such as place, fold and lock. Unlike ceramic tile flooring, the laminate one do not request the use of any additional materials such as sealer, grouting and mortar. For this reason, once the floor is installed it can be immediately used. At the same time, high quality laminate tiles are a great choice, as they never discolor or stain and usually they never request any special care. 

Recommended Areas

Laminate tile is a great choice for different areas such as:

  • Residential interiors as kitchen, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, foyers, game rooms, stairs, recreation and bath rooms.
  • Commercial kitchens or any type of rooms featured with in-floor drainage system.

Laminate Floor Care and Maintenance

The laminate tile floor surface supplies an eye-catching and very durable flooring option. The maintaining of the flooring is easy: just sweep and mop periodically. Even though the floors are durable, you still have to maintain them properly. You can use doormats and different rugs in high-traffic areas and as well floor protectors under furniture.

Besides these, there is no other laminate tile floor treatment required. You do not have to apply any special detergents, waxes or polishes. In case that you face any stain issues such as shoe polish, paint or ink, you can use a small quantity of acetone to remove them. In conclusion, as you are able to see the laminate tile flooring, it is indeed the best choice you can ever make.